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Weather & Water Unit Digital Resources

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

One of my favorite units with my kiddos is the Weather and Water unit. I love interactive notebooks that students can turn to physically and always have their notes in one place to look back on, however, why not be able to do this digitally? These resources were created to give you both options and all digital resources come with the printable version as well. All of these resources were made to be used with Google Apps. The best way is through Google Classroom but could be downloaded from Google Slides as a PowerPoint as well.

The first part in understanding weather and water is understating the properties of water and how they change from one state of matter to another. This States & Properties of Water Digital Notebook walks students through introducing each state and how they change states based on temperature. Students answer questions and fill in the blanks to complete sentences to show their full understanding of these states. Along with this digital set, there are also Properties of Water Task Cards that are great practice and students can use them individually or in small groups to check their understanding in a different way.

Once students have an understanding of how water changes states, they should be then focusing on The Water Cycle. This Water Cycle Digital Notebook walks students through the water cycle. There are slides full of information for how the water cycle works and visuals to show the pattern of the cycle. Students answer questions, fill in blanks, and complete diagrams. The key understanding for the water cycle is knowing that the amount of water on Earth never changes. The amount that changes is ho much water is in each step of the cycle. To partner with this digital notebook, there are two sets of task cards - Water Cycle True or False Task Cards and for multiple choice, you have the Water Cycle Task Cards for students to practice.

Following the understanding of the water cycle, it is important students understand how this effects our lives every day! This Weather Instruments Digital Notebook allows students to learn about how weather is measured. Each weather tool is investigated and explained in a way for students to understand. They work through to learn about their uses and why they are important. Students will answer questions, fill in charts, and complete diagrams to show their full understanding of these tools.

Now that students know what meteorologists uses to measure weather, they can can focus on the weather forecasting with this Weather Forecasting Digital Notebook. Students learn all about how to read weather maps through learning what each symbol represents.

The fifth digital notebook for the weather and water unit is the Clouds Digital Notebook. Students learn all about the different types of clouds. This includes the types, the way they form, their height in the sky, and what makes them similar or different to one another. Students will work through a KWL chart, use matching, and fill in the blank skills to learn all about clouds.

All of the above listed resources are also BUNDLED together to save you money on purchasing them all! The entire Weather & Water Bundle also includes all task card centers that can be printed and used over and over. It also includes a Narrative Writing assignment where students write as if they were a drop of water traveling through the water cycle.

Are there any other weather and water resources you are in need of? Let me know how I can help in the comments below!

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