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Meet the Teacher: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Each year I look forward to meeting my new group of students at Meet the Teacher! I always try to come up with a gift to give them that will be meaningful. My favorite gift is a keychain with their name on it.

This year I did keychains with beads in our school colors (green and white) and their name in the middle. The idea is for them to keep it on their backpack all year. They LOVED their keychains. When I handed it to them they were so excited.

Here are the exact materials I used from Amazon. I was able to make 24 keychains with one set of the letter beads. I have A TON leftover, however, almost all of my homeroom students have multiple A's in their name so I had to order a second set of letters for my second class. From start to finish, it took me about 2 hours to complete 24 keychains!

For Meet the Teacher this year I went with a Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork theme, therefore, everything matched "game day". For the entire first week or school we focus on routines, expectations, and team building!

You can grab my Game Day Meet the Teacher Packet for FREE to use in your own classroom! It includes 6 station signs for parents to follow, a donations sign, and the keychain note above!

Last but not least, my parent thank you! We all know our parents have to work. They have so much going on and Meet the Teacher is always in the middle of the day! I give my parents a "Thanks for Poppin' in" note with a bag of popcorn and I thank them for taking the time to bring their child. This was HUGE. The parents absolutely loved that I also thought of them. I used the SmartFood White Cheddar Popcorn for my note because that's my favorite!

What is your go to Meet the Teacher gift to your students?

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