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Are you an upper elementary math teacher who is eager to elevate your math classroom to new levels? 


Are you tired of traditional math instruction that leaves your students bored, disengaged and struggling to grasp key concepts? 


Do you long for a more modern teaching approach during your math block that sparks excitement, fosters deep understanding and propels your students to new heights?


Do you wish to be provided with the tools, strategies and support you need to TRANSFORM your math instruction and EMPOWER your students like never before?


In today's diverse classrooms, meeting the unique needs of every learner can feel like a huge challenge. But what if you could effortlessly differentiate your math instruction without spending endless hours of your own time planning? 


In addition-what if you could run a math workshop that allows you to meet with small groups while the rest of your class dives deep into purposeful math centers in which they are actively engaged? 


Finally, what if you could create a learning environment where your students ACTIVELY use their math notebooks and CONFIDENTLY apply their learning during math centers and homework?

Now, imagine a classroom where EVERY student is fully engaged, actively participating and experiencing those "aha" moments during math time.


Picture yourself seamlessly differentiating instruction to cater to the individual needs of each student in your class. Plus, you will be guiding them towards mastering math during small group instruction with absolute confidence of the skills that they need more practice with.


Elementary Math Workshop Academy empowers upper elementary teachers with the tools, strategies and support that they need to unlock the full potential of differentiated instruction to create a complete math workshop in your classroom.


Elementary Math Workshop Academy is led by Kristy, a certified K-8th grade math teacher with 8 years of teaching experience. She wrote the entire math curriculum plans for 4 years for her school district and is the queen of creating digital math resources online. She has perfected what works in an upper elementary classroom to make math individualized, engaging and FUN! Now, she wants to share her knowledge with other upper elementary teachers to help you make your math block the absolute best that it can be for your students!

What Makes Elementary Math Workshop Academy Stand Out?


🔹 6 Comprehensive Modules: Our self-paced course consists of 6 in-depth modules carefully designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to implement the math workshop model easily into your classroom. Each module takes approximately 1 hour to complete, allowing you to learn at your own pace while balancing your busy teaching and personal schedule. Take as much time as you need to complete these modules with life-time access to the course.

🔹 Engaging Video Lessons & an Interactive Workbook: Kristy's passion for math and teaching shines through as she shares her expertise, insights and best practices. Combined with an interactive workbook, packed with resources, templates and classroom-tested ideas, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to elevate your math instruction and cultivate an environment where your students will thrive.

🔹 Thriving Online Community: Teaching can sometimes feel isolating, but it doesn't have to be that way. When you enroll in Elementary Math Workshop Academy, you gain access to a supportive community of like-minded educators who share your passion for student success. Our private Facebook group provides a platform to connect, collaborate and grow together. Share your experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance from Kristy and a vibrant community committed to making a difference in their students' lives just like you!

Why Choose Elementary Math Workshop Academy? The Advantages Are Clear:


Time-Saving Strategies: Say goodbye to hours spent on monotonous lesson planning. Our course empowers you with efficient techniques to streamline your preparation, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters—teaching and connecting with your students!


Personalized Professional Growth: Benefit from the expertise of an experienced math teacher who has walked in your shoes. Kristy understands the challenges you face and will guide you through any hurdles, ensuring your continuous growth as an educator. Take your skills to new heights and become the exceptional math teacher you've always aspired to be.


Lifetime Access: When you enroll in Elementary Math Workshop Academy, you gain lifetime access to all course materials. Revisit modules whenever you need a refresher as well as access the latest updates.

Enroll in Elementary Math Workshop Academy now to transform your math classroom! Don't miss our exclusive limited-time offer:


🎉 Course Only: $47

🎉 Course + Getting Started Guide: $57 (Regularly $67)

Unveiling the Modules: Your Roadmap to Math Workshop Success

  • Module 1: Getting Ready

    • In Module 1, "Getting Ready," we lay the foundation for implementing the Math Workshop Model in your classroom. You'll learn what a Workshop Model is and why it's a powerful approach to differentiate instruction and promote student engagement. We'll dive into setting expectations and classroom setup, focusing less on traditional lesson plans and more on interactive notebooks as a tool for student learning.


  • Module 2: Mini Lesson

    • This module is all about mastering the art of delivering effective mini lessons. We'll explore the purpose of a mini lesson and how to make them engaging and impactful for your students. You'll gain insights and examples of mini lessons that effectively introduce and reinforce key math concepts.


  • Module 3: Active Engagement

    • Module 3, "Active Engagement," explores the critical component of keeping students actively engaged during math workshops. You'll discover various strategies and techniques to foster active participation, including the use of tickets to centers, which promote independence and accountability. We'll provide examples and practical tips to maximize student engagement in your classroom.


  • Module 4: The Bulk Part 1- Centers

    • In Module 4,  we dive into the world of math centers. You'll learn where centers fit within the Math Workshop Model and how to structure them to meet the diverse needs of your students. We'll provide you with center ideas and examples that can be adapted to your classroom, as well as guidance on supporting early finishers.


  • Module 5: The Bulk Part 2- Teacher Group

    • This module focuses on the targeted instruction provided during teacher group sessions. You'll understand the importance of teacher groups in addressing individual student needs and leveraging student math data to inform your instructional decisions. We'll share practical examples and strategies to make your teacher group sessions impactful and effective.


  • Module 6: Wrapping It Up

    • In the final module, "Wrapping It Up," we explore how to effectively conclude your math time and ensure a smooth transition. You'll learn strategies for bringing closure to your math workshops and leave students feeling confident in their learning. We'll also provide guidance on where to go next, offering ideas and resources to continue your professional growth beyond the course.

By the end of these modules, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the Math Workshop Model and be equipped with practical tools, ideas and examples to implement it successfully in your classroom. Get ready to transform your math instruction and create an engaging and student-centered learning environment!


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your math classroom? Join Elementary Math Workshop Academy today and unlock the full potential of your teaching practice. With our comprehensive modules, expert guidance, and supportive community, you'll gain the strategies and confidence to create an exceptional math learning experience for your students.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a Math Workshop Master. Enroll now and open the doors to a world of differentiated instruction, student engagement and remarkable growth.


Remember, the doors to Elementary Math Workshop Academy won't stay open forever. Secure your spot today and make a lasting impact on your students' math education. Get ready to embrace a new era of teaching and learning!

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