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St. Patty's Day Math Activities

Updated: Mar 4

St. Patrick's Day has always been a favorite of mine in the classroom. I always think back to when I was in 2nd grade and the leprechauns came and destroyed the classroom the night before. Chairs were flipped over, there were gold coins on the floor, and green footprints ran across the desks. Being an upper elementary teacher, I have not done this for my students because they are a little too old for these shenanigans. So instead, I try to celebrate the holiday with fun math activities. Depending on the class, I have done green and gold room transformations while students work in centers. However, there have been years that was not possible, so we just had fun with themed math centers. Check out these FIVE engaging activities for some fun ideas, depending on what you are teaching or reviewing at the time!

Grab my FREE St. Patrick's Day Area and Perimeter Color by Number sheets to kick off you celebrations!

Escape Room: Trap a Leprechaun: Area and Perimeter

Do your students love digital activities as much as mine? If so, I have the perfect St. Patrick's Day Digital Escape Room for you! Students practice their Area and Perimeter skills while trying to trap a leprechaun. You will need to print out the packet for individual students (or for each group) where they can color and work out the problems. Then, they will use Google Forms to work through the escape room and trap the leprechaun. When my students completed the escape room, I also rewarded them with gold coins and green necklaces.

If you're more of a print person, no worries! My students have always loved the St. Patrick's Day No Prep Activity Sheets, even if digital was not an option, from the digital escape room. Students solve the area and perimeter word problems, then color in the correct spaces for a higher level color by number. This option is also perfect for differentiation in the classroom. My higher level groups have done the digital version while I pull my small groups and we work on the printed version.

Class Detectives: Escaped Leprechaun : Decimal Word Problems

I have always been a huge fan of crime shows, more specifically CSI. I loved trying to watch and figure out the clues to see who was guilty of the crime committed. I decided to take this love and make it applicable in the classroom. Students have to solve DECIMAL word problems in order to gather clues to figure out how the leprechaun escaped in this fun detective set. Students will convert fractions to decimals (tenths and hundredths only) and compare decimals to the hundredths place. You can hang the clue cards around the room and make it a full transformation, or students can complete the task in centers. If you and your students enjoy celebrating the holidays while reviewing skills, check out this St. Patrick's Day The Escaped Leprechaun activity!

St. Patrick's Cafe: Word Problem Multiplication

If you have students who enjoy digital and some who prefer print, this St. Patrick's Cafe Menu Math activity is perfect for your class. It includes both the print and digital version and THREE levels for differentiation for students to practice in real-world situations.

Level One = Multiplication of whole numbers

Level Two = Multiplication of whole numbers by decimals

Level Three = Multiplication of decimals by decimals

Code Breakers: Multiplication

Another favorite in my classroom for March is the St. Patrick's Day code breakers. There are two different types of code breakers to fit your students' needs. One set is the Digital St. Patrick's Day Code Breakers which includes fluency facts in multiplication with jokes the students are cracking the code for. The second set is the Printable St. Patrick's Day Mix Review code breakers which focuses on addition, subtraction, and multiplication. This set is the perfect review for three digit by one digit multiplication, two digit by two digit multiplication, and three digit by three digit addition and subtraction.

Color by Number: 4th Grade Mixed Review

These 4th Grade Color By Number activities are the perfect review for 4th graders! My students prefer these over any other worksheet we do. Each sheet is a color by number with a St. Patrick's Day theme, over a different review topic for 4th graders. Students practice addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions,

What skills do you enjoy reviewing with your students around St. Patrick's Day? Let me know in the comments below!


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