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Back to School Math Activity

Back to school can be one of the most fun, yet challenging times of the year. Where do I start? Can I smile before winter break? What activities should I do? What do I not do? So many questions we want answered, especially for new teachers!

This Back to School Code Breaker is the perfect practice for the start of school.

I have created this with grades 1st-7th in mind. There is an activity for each grade level included. With my 4th graders, I give these to my students and let them work through them trying their best so I can see where their skills are. You could also use the harder ones as separate challenges. This code breaker is the perfect math practice to see where your kiddos are with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. If you have not used my code breakers before, they are my favorite activities! Students use pictures and keys to solve the math problem. Then, they use the math answers to solve the answer to a joke on each page! My students have always love these and get excited every time we do them.

You can get this Back to School set for FREE just by subscribing to my email list HERE, so don't miss out! I will not spam you - all emails you receive will be full of tips & tricks, fun activities, freebies, and information about sales!

This math activity is perfect for kicking off your technology centers. If you are new to centers or if you use the Workshop Model in math, I encourage you to check out my online course Elementary Math Workshop Academy. I talk all about organizing centers, creating groups, and running them effectively. I highly suggest checking it out if you also use Workshop Model in your classroom.

What is your favorite thing about Back to School? Tell me in the comments below!
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